The Midwest Book Review calls it, “a riveting read for young readers…very much recommended.”

Beachboundbooks blogger Stacie Theis says it is”…an intriguing story with surprising twists that keep the reader entertained from beginning to end” and recommended picking up a copy.

Jackie Miller of My Tower of Books writes that it “…is a very original idea for a story…a very unique idea…a great, adventurous read that any Middle Grader would enjoy reading, either alone or with a parent.”

Willa Kaye Danes, author, writes: “I was glad to get an advance reader copy of this book. THE TIDE CHANGERS is a very special heartwarming tale featuring a young teen hero who doesn’t feel very heroic. He’s afraid of the water until he accidentally learns an astonishing secret about himself while trying to save his older brother from drowning. I love this story and everything about it, from the characters to the action and the underwater surprises. It is a fun read for all ages.”

Gina from Insatiable Readers posted this about the book: “A rather unexpected read, this book deals with everything from the loss (maybe) of a family member to mysterious creatures under the sea (no, not mermaids exactly…), allowing it to take you on a journey beyond coral and into the stars…literally.” Read the entire review on her blog.

Boystobooks blogger Trudy Zufelt recommends the book calling it “an action packed adventure” that would “appeal to the reluctant reader.”


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